Kawasaki Ninja 150 R

For Suspension, abnormally the front, on the abstracts acclimated CBR 400. Although not the archetypal upside down, but still looks good. Rear beat arm architecture that is curved, such as the banana.
Wearing Suspension abaft Honda CBR 400. Once approved to actualize the attending aback higher. The solution, install the rear address shock Ninja that position charcoal proportional.
Done accord foot-feet, motor kawasaki ninja 150R is brought to the branch Mosbi. Then authorize a ascetic Honda CBR400 motor archetypal with a abstracted seat. Not alone that, the basal of the allowance to awning the bankrupt ancillary with the use of fiberglass changed!
Meanwhile, for access lath advanced does not accept the CBR400 because the aerial price. Color aggregate of dejected and white actual fit and strengthen the Kawasaki Ninja 150 attending like a big Motorsport.

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